What to Wear

Wear to Work

Making The Right Impression

A well-dressed man is a confident professional. He makes an impression with colleagues and clients alike. So insure that what you are wearing is cut precisely to fit you, and no one else. You need the right mix of comfort, fit and style to create the whole look. Stylish dressing is, after all, about creating an overall effect.

For an important client meeting or job interview, always wear a dark suit, crisp, white dress shirt and tie. Classic and sophisticated without being stodgy is the look you want. You may be the most formally dressed person in the room, but your effort won’t go unnoticed.

For a more casual day at the office, go for dressy trousers, a button down shirt and a sport coat or cardigan. Finish the look with a sleek belt and Oxford shoes.

Wear to Events

Putting Your Best Look Forward

In any given week, your calendar is marked with business meetings, social functions and family life. Often a variety of events in even more diverse settings. If you don’t know the dress code, ask the host and decide what fits the occasion.

Black Tie. Means get out your tux. This is a special occasion, and your host wants it to be a special. So stick with the black and white basics here, and you won’t disappoint.

Black Tie Optional. Still a dressy event, where a tux is still considered fine fare, but wearing something less cumbersome is permitted. A dark suit, white shirt and solid dark tie are perfect for these moments. Score extra points with black patent-leather shoes.

Weekend Wear

Relaxed Dressing That Feels Good Too

You’ve worked hard all week, so time to kick back and enjoy. It’s easy to keep your style in check over the weekend with relaxed fabrics and new technologies that wear so well.

Brax is a brand we see wide appeal, offering pitch-perfect style and comfort by translating the latest trends into wearable fashions. Providing a reliable fit and sizing expertise, Brax continues to deliver uncompromising style, quality and workmanship. It shows, season after season.

Agave Denim Jeans, which we also carry, features Supima cotton, one of the world’s finest. Their use of this cotton gives their denim the duality of softness and strength, with a fit that is incredible and extremely flattering.

SmartWool, is made from Merino wool, the softest fabric you’ll ever wear, and also the most effective because of moisture management. They make some of the best fitting sweaters, tops and socks around, allowing you to do the things want to do, in great comfort and style. Other brands we carry are Merrell, Toscano, Tommy Bahama, Tumi, Modango, Pyscho Bunny, Tailor Vintage, and Nathaniel Cole to name a few. Stop by the shop as we’re constantly refreshing our inventory.

Building Your Wardrobe

Just A Few Easy Pieces

Whether you have just landed your first “serious” job, or have been working for some time, wardrobe building is alive, well, and an on-going process. Spending well on products with quality, integrity and honest value is spending wisely, and well worth it in the long run.

Here are our picks:

The suit.If you wear a suit to work most days, you need at least three. Navy and grey are essential and a subtle pinstripe is suitable for the third.

The dress shirt.The shirt really pulls your look together. Make sure you have at least five shirts, and one should be a crisp white. Vary the styles, colours and patterns to for different looks. Try French cuffs for an impressive upscale flair and a nice set of links.

The tie.You’ll need several, but don’t worry, there’s no shortage of options. Start with five and build from there. Yes, the tie should coordinate with the shirt and suit, but try not to overdo the patterns. A striped suit works best with a solid coloured shirt and a patterned tie. For a solid colour suit, you can pair a patterned shirt with a patterned tie.

The sports coat.A classic essential. From casual Friday to an anniversary dinner, a sports coat in a neutral colour can be paired with a light knit sweater or polo shirt, trousers or jeans.

The dark blue jean.You will get more wear out of your jeans than any other piece in your wardrobe—perfect for poker night, date night or watching your daughter play soccer.

The polo.A step above that old t-shirt, but miles above in style. Try layering them for added impact and don’t be afraid of colour.

The sweater or cardigan.Get rid of your old university sweater and replace it with a light knit sweater or cardigan. You can dress it up with a collared shirt underneath and sports jacket, or dress it down with a coordinating t-shirt and jeans.

The topcoat.Worn over a suit or paired with a stylish sweater and jeans, a knee length topcoat will get you through winter with ease. Go for black, grey or camel.

The casual coat.A jean, leather jacket, or trench coat are always in fashion. Try all three and pick a favourite, but keep the trendiness to a minimum for maximum longevity.